America can’t even properly dub anime unless Japan gets on the dubbing company’s ass about it. 385
It looks like Japan has more freedom of speech than the Land of the Free. 346
DEMON SLAYER is also written by a WOMAN. Take that WOKE western comics and Hollywood. 250
Hollywood wants a Biden Bailout instead of helping threaters out. If China and Japan, Bollywood, and international and independent distributors offer their films to cinemas in the US the game is over. 200
Demon Slayer fever is huge here in Japan right now. The manga ended a few months ago… it had a short run but it’s already one of the all-time best sellers. Theaters all over here were showing the movie on most of their screens. Biggest opening ever in Japan… even with our restrictions in most theaters. 155

That goes to show you that Hollywood would rather push their own political agenda and their ideas then actually make movies

And another instance that nerd culture destroys mainstream Hollywood  146



That would be so cool if a Japanese company bought Crunchyroll. They’d probably upgrade it’s video player to something that works, I’d sign up again if they did it. 113
As a foreigner, I just want to say one thing. Western sensibilities have always been weird for us Asians and Indians. But we accepted them all this time and we enjoyed it. The world is even adopting some liberal ideas of the West cause they make sense. But it’s funny to see extremist westerners not able to handle eastern sensibilities of respecting others, family and community. We never tried to change up your stuff. Why would you try to change our stuff so that it will suit your taste? It’s so weird. Glad to see not all western people think the same though. 91
外国人として一言だけ言わせてください。私たちアジア人やインド人にとって、西洋の感性はいつも変なものでした。しかし、私たちはそれを受け入れ、楽しんできました。世界は、西洋のリベラルな考えを採用している。しかし、過激派の西洋人が、他人や家族、地域社会を尊重するという東洋の感性を扱えないのはおかしい。私たちはあなたのものを変えようとしたことはないわ なぜ私たちのものを変えようとするの?おかしな話だ 全ての西洋人が同じことを考えているとは限らないのが嬉しいね
Disney: No one wants animation anymore. Everyone wants hyper realistic CGI that costs billions just to remake animated classics to be boring and more ugly.
*Demon slayer movie comes out*
DIsney: Is it too late to un kill our animation department?  76
Mugen=Infinite. So in a sense, the movie is infinitely better than most of the schlock Hollywood puts out these days. 76
無限 = Infinite。だからある意味では、この映画は最近のハリウッドのクソ映画よりも無限に優れている。
Demon slayer hype is real 36
Of course it did. Decent story, great art style, actual emotional voice acting, a comic relief character that is actually competent, and then there’s the complete lack of agenda pushing. What’s not to like? 34
もちろんそうだ まともなストーリー、素晴らしいアートスタイル、実際に感情的な声の演技、実際に有能なコミックリリーフキャラクター、そして、アジェンダの押し付けが完全に欠如している。何が気に入らないの?
Hollywood has plenty of films they are sitting on that could make twice as much as this movie. Sad is putting it mildly. More like pathetic. 33
Hollywood should just pander to Japan that way we got no censorship and no wokeness its a win win 24
Hmph. Go figures that the Weird Woke West-especially Twatter- is getting salty over the anime movie’s success because their are too oblivious to realize that pandering to the woke crowd _never works_ . Maybe the West should learn from both Japan & Malaysia about quality over quantity. 23
Damn, glad to be an anime fan 22

To be honest, most anime watcher out there will be more happy even if Japan just adding subtitle & distribute their anime.

Most anime watcher pefer its original voice rather than dub which makes production easier.  19



What made the anime blow up was the fact that Ufotable made it. Ufotable has it’s own fanbase and people always take note of their work because it’s always top tier. 18
アニメを爆発させたのは、Ufotableがそれを作ったという事実でした。 Ufotableには独自のファンベースがあり、常にトップティアであるため、人々は常に自分の仕事に注目しています。
Anime needs to be shown in american movie theaters. 17

Waiting to hear some blue checks come up with something to complain about with the movie. Ill give it a week.

Also the reason the anime of Demon Slayer blew up is because of Ufotable “”Unlimited Budget Works”” beautiful visuals just making the anime what it is now.  15



Hollywood all I can say is ya better scrabble like an egg before ya get folded like an omelet yo. 14
If japan makes a streaming service I’ll buy it, just put all the anime on it. 11
Hi 🙋🏻‍♂️ resident Australian here. Just to clarify the ban is not on anime, it’s on hentai and adult content (porn, sexually suggestive anime figurines, etc). Not saying I agree with it but it’s not a ban on anime. 11

As someone who’s read the manga, this arc is really good.

Plenty of twists and turns. Cos they’re on a train.  8



Anime is now the new king of entertainment. 6
It’s insane what Western media is trying to do to anime. They wanted to completely cancel Shield Hero and Goblin Slayer. Fortunately, the companies and Japan follow what the majority of fans want and not the minority of people who never were fans to begin with 5
Japanese creators need to be more protective of their art. Just in general. 5
The Demon Slayer movie has gotten me more excited to see it more than the stuff hollywood has in the pipeline. All these damn delays killed any excitement from me for these films. 5
Demon Slayer killed the Demon named Hollywood. 5
North America spoiled detective Conan by changing the main character’s name even after the writers got permission to use the name off the conam doil estate. 5
If Japan made their own anime streaming platform, i’d sign up for it. dont care about having more than 1 platform, if it happened, i would be glad to support it. 4
Hell yeah, my boy Tanjiro bring in the big bucks!! 4
Japan is now the new #1 in Entertainment. 4
Thank you, Japan! Thank you! Thank you for having something awesome to watch in this year. They still create awesome shows and movies and it’s amazing. More reasons that I LOVE JAPAN! The only place on Earth they still have quality in their entertainment. 4
Problem with American entertainment is it is run solely by Democrats. Democrats are censor happy want to force their sensibilities on the rest of the country. 3
So this is how Hollywood gets SLAYED… 3
That’s real good for Demon Slayer. I’m so happy. Suck it U.S. Hollywood. 3