世界から祝福!ONE PIECE連載1000話突破PV【海外の反応】





Thank you Oda❤️ 3343
One Piece is not just your typical average manga. It is a series that will teach you a lot of lessons such as being free wherein no one would define how you live. You will also learn to pursue your dream no matter what obstacle may come. One Piece also brought us happiness, sadness, and epic moments. To Eiichiro Oda who keeps striving hard to give us epic chapters, thank you very much 🙏 May 2021 be a great year for us, and One Piece ❤️❤️🔥 690
ワンピースは普通の漫画ではありません。誰にも定義されない自由な生き方など、多くのことを教えてくれるシリーズです。また、どんな障害が来ようとも、自分の夢を追い求めることを学ぶことができます。ワンピースはまた、私たちに喜びと悲しみと感動の瞬間をもたらしてくれました。私たちに壮大な章を与えるために努力し続けている尾田栄一郎さんに、本当にありがとうございます🙏 2021年が私たちにとって素晴らしい年になりますように、そしてワンピース❤️❤️🔥🔥
Thank you Oda Sensei 478
It was long journey tho 😭 congrats Oda for the 1000th chapter 320
Literally not me crying in the middle of the night. 232
Thanks you Mister Eiichirō Oda, Fans from all over the world are grateful to you.
Greetings from France from me ! Merci beaucoup !  161
Guys i’m crying
WE ARE ONE.  146
In America, “”One Piece” started showing on tv in 2004 (back when I was 11 years old). I remember looking forward to it every Saturday. Eventually my interest in the anime led me to the manga and I instantly fell deeper in love with the series. I’m 27 now and though many years have passed, I love One Piece more than ever. It has truly impacted my life in the greatest way.
Reading chapter 1000 gave me chills and I look forward to seeing the Strawhats journey through its end. Thank you Japan and thank you Oda!  138
Even though I don’t know japanese I still understood what was happening and I loved it! 128
Been watching OP for almost 11 years. What a great time to be a One Piece fan. Congrats on 1000th chapter. One Piece is the 🐐 ❤❤ 124
ほぼ11年間OPを見てきました。ワンピースファンになるにはなんて素晴らしい時でしょう。 1000章おめでとうございます。ワンピースは史上最高❤❤
Damn dude that panel of black beard saying a mans dream never ends, am I right? Is one of my favorite in the story 118
didn’t understand a word..but somehow understood everything at the same time! this is heart warming! i am lucky and proud to be a part of this journey with you all! one piece is literally a treasure! cheers to a thousand and beyond! 104
this was very relatable for me ever since i was a kid, i really loved one piece and keep copying their movements 103
Time to start the year with one piece.. 78

Thank you Oda,

For everything. One piece really has become a special place in my heart. I hope everyone here can see the day that Luffy becomes the pirate king <3  71


すべてのものに。ワンピースは本当に私の心の中で特別な場所になりました。ルフィが海賊王になる日を、ここにいるみんなにも見てもらいたいですね <3

Congratz to everyone who are lucky enough to experience this incredible story! God bless Oda 71
Life goal for now: To be alive when one piece ends 😀 58
ONE PIECE is the best comics,stories and books in my life. It is all of my teen life.
Thanks for Oda!Thank you for producing such as great works!
I Love ONE PIECEforever  55
ONE PIECEは私の人生で最高の漫画、物語、本です。私の10代の人生の全てです。
ONE PIECEを永遠に愛しています。
Idc if demon slayer won the most sales this year, doesn’t hold a candle to one piece. Manga won’t be the same once it’s gone. 44
鬼滅の刃が今年一番の売り上げだったとしてもワンピースにはかなわないからな 漫画が終わったら元には戻せないよ
This video proves that whatever your age, you can enjoy One Piece and be part of the community <3 43
Now everytime I see a group of 5 old men sitting, ima think they’re the gorosei xD 42
今、5人のおっさんのグループが座っているのを見るたびに、彼らが五老星だと思ってしまう xD

thank you oda,im glad i didnt die wayway back when i attempted to hang myself with rope,because i must finished onepiece before i die,me being alive has no meaning nor reason,i didnt even know why i existed,im useless to the environment as well as to my family,i wish you nothing but good health so you can finished this masterpiece of yours,i really dont wanna live longer anymore,im a jobless person,im old,but i dont wanna give up just yet,

thank you oda sensei,  39



Made me tear up. Been following the story for 12 years, every chapter is a gift and makes me want to continue living. Thank you Oda-sensei for One Piece!!! 33
涙を流した。 12年間この話を続けてきたので、すべての章は贈り物であり、私は生き続けたいと思っています。ワンピースありがとう尾田先生!!!
Eichero Oda and everyone working on the series…true love and deep thankful, respectful appreciation from the Middle East – Yemen 🇾🇪 28
Thank you for being born in this world, Oda. 27
One piece is one manga that makes you laugh, that makes you cry, that makes you believe and root for the characters. It holds a special place for me. Thank you Oda. 25
The happiest moment of my life was when I started one piece
It’s been 8 years and I feel the same whenever I read new chapter  23
You know you are just into one piece when you understand all the dialogues even tho they are in japanese. 20
Bruh imagine starting one piece in high school at 97 and 21 years later you’re over 40 have kids and have them start on the one piece journey and grow old together man one piece is something else!!! Thank you Goda!!! 19
高校生の時に97歳でワンピースを始めて21年後には40歳を超えて子供がいてワンピースの旅を始めて一緒に年を重ねていく姿を想像してみてください!ワンピースって別物ですよね! ありがとう!
This one is a proof you don’t need to know language to understand love. 18
Thank you for the memories. We will never forget the joy, laughter, anger, sadness, and pretty much every possible emotion for the last 20+ Years 18