【ワンオク】ジャパンツアー公式映像に対する海外の反応【Wasted Nights】



International fans, where are you?

Lets make it trending guys.  1329



Taka’s vocals have always been so good, but his vocal control is getting better and better everytime. You guys deserve the world 🌎 450
Takaさんのボーカルは昔からめっちゃ上手いんだけど、ボーカルコントロールが毎回上手くなってきてる。お前らは世界に相応しい 🌎
Cant wait to see yall soon when this pandemic ends! 427
This song always brings an indescribable feeling of willpower that seems to have been hiding inside me, and every time I listen I feel like it revives 282
Don’t be afraid to dive
Be afraid that you didn’t try
These moments remind us why
We’re here, we’re so alive 💙🍓  201
guys, don’t wasted the night. 160
OOR is one of the few people who inspired and motivated me a lot , through theirs songs. I really want to attend their concert even at once. 136
Please guys enjoy your lives, you deserve it, everytime I hear your songs makes me want to cry because it remember me the happy and sad moments, the ones I feel like I can achive everything and the ones when I feel like everything is falling apart, I love every member of One Ok Rock because they all helped me to go through really hard moments of my life, the Fields of Wonder helps me notice that if I want something I have to figth for it!!! Love you guys!!!! 116
皆さんの人生を楽しんでください、あなたはそれに値します、あなたの歌を聞くたびに私は幸せで悲しい瞬間を覚えているので私は泣きたいと思います、私はすべてを達成できるように感じるものと私がすべてが崩壊しているように感じるとき、One Ok Rockのすべてのメンバーが大好きです。なぜなら、彼ら全員が私の人生の本当につらい瞬間を経験するのを助けてくれたからです。Fields of Wonderは、何かが欲しいのなら、それを考えなければならないことに気付くのを助けてくれます!!!皆大好き!!!!

the way they always sound even better live than the studio version is just so ✨✨

legends︶︿︶  114

スタジオバージョンよりもライブの方がいつもいい感じに聴こえてくるのがたまらない✨✨✨ 笑


Me: well today was crap…
YouTube: how about some One Ok Rock live?
Also me: false alarm. Day’s not over yet.
^^ sending love from the US  108
YouTube:One Ok Rockのライブはどうですか?
literally this song is like a doping, the legal doping…trust me its more than that!!!! 105
It’s so rare for Japanese artists to be famous around world like them , ONE OK ROCK .
I’m proud of you guys as a Japanese guy .  92
This song always gives me encouragement..
It’s really sad. I should’ve attended on their concert this year. I really want to sing their songs and enjoy their live performance together with them and the other fans. Wish this hope will be come true soon. Stay health and safe for everyone ❤  62
They should be getting at least the same recognition, if not more, as those kpop artists like BLACKPINK and BTS. Jeez, ONE OK ROCK is such an underrated band. Imagine being able to sell out stadiums worldwide… 56
彼らはBLACKPINKやBTSのようなKPOPアーティストと同じくらいの認知度を得ているはずだ。ONE OK ROCKは過小評価されているバンドだ。世界中のスタジアムを完売させられることを想像してみてください…。
They’re so *Better at Live* and The Japanese audience are the best tho T•T 53
ONE OK ROCK is forever. 51
Early in the year, when their concert tickets were sold out. I was so sad that I cried. Our dream is to see them perform even though they have to sit in the back tribun.. I hope all of you are healthy and safe .. so that next year everything is normal .. in terms of economy and state governance .. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 50
年明け早々、彼らのコンサートのチケットが完売した時に 悲しくて泣いてしまいました。私たちの夢は、彼らがバックトリビュンに座っているにもかかわらず、彼らのパフォーマンスを見ることです。私はあなたのすべてが健康で安全であることを願っています…来年はすべてが正常であるように…経済と国家統治の面で… 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Cant wait for you to comeback in Philippines 🇵🇭 after this whole pandemic 46
He hit every note perfectly effortlessly . Damn taka 37
彼は全ての音を楽々と叩いていた 畜生タカ
Taka’s singing face has become more and more like his father these days.
His parents are famous Japanese enka singer, Shinichi Mori & Masako Mori.
Enka is Japanese traditional ballads. Please look for them on YouTube !  37
エンカは日本の伝統的なバラードです。 YouTubeで探してください!

His voice is a gem.

Too bad the concert in PH did not push through.

I was looking forward to it. 😭  37




Right after “”Field of Wonder”” live, now they drop this masterpiece.
I hope in a future distant I’d be able to see you guys perform live again.
ONE OK ROCK truly one of the best band in the world!  36
Field of Wonderのライブの直後にこの名曲を投下。
ONE OK ROCKは本当に世界最高のバンドです。
Its crazy how they can make a studio version better, live! 36
That “voice range” probably one of the best thing in 2020 30
Japanese people you are very lucky, i love them so much and i learn Japanese language now and them? Make me more excited to learn 23
you guys are the reason that i survive. 22
OMG I DID NOT EXPECT IT. At office now and almost scream my heart out 😭😭😭 22
Guys let’s make our awesome band trending… 21
One Ok Rock NEVER disappoint 🥺👍😭❤️ 21
One OkRockは決して失望させません🥺👍😭❤️
This was the last concert I attended and I miss it so much😭😭😭 早くまた生で見たい!みんなに会いたい! 20

Why I am crying? 😭😭😭 I’m so so so proud this band Omg💖💖. Their songs are great you really feel the emotions they put.

And lastly, whoever read this. Stay Strong. Don’t give up no matter what ok?💖💖  16

なんで泣いてるんだろう?😭😭😭😭 私はこのバンドOMG💖💖をとても誇りに思います。彼らの曲は本当に感情を込めているのが伝わってくる素敵な曲です。

そして最後に、これを読んだ人は 強くあり続けてください。どんなことがあってもあきらめないでね!!! ok?💖💖💖💖


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