Japanese will never ever make me question about their hygiene. i have no idea why. 2802
Anything: * exists *
Japanese: we’ll make a traditional art from this  1233
These are amazingly delicious! I live in Japan and I’ve tried these, they are good like seriously! Along with Matcha tea, I really love the taste! And please understand that Japan’s priority is cleanliness, everything they do is clean and healthy, I know because I experienced it all since I was a kid. 563
Japanese literally has the most beautiful candies and desserts 158
Imagine doing your own handmade candy but you’re the type of person with sweaty hands😂 114
Wagashi sweets have natural colouring and ingredients, so it’s really healthy and not to mention really beautiful. 73
Thank you for sharing these! I thought Minamoto Kitchoan was the fanciest Japanese sweets Ive seen that arent fruit… and here we go 😱🤯❤️ 63
これらを共有していただきありがとうございます!宗家 源吉兆庵は、果物じゃない和菓子だと思ってたけど…そしてここに行きます😱🤯❤️
People who said Japanese sweets taste bad simply don’t have the right palate and mindset to appreciate it. I was also like that in the past, but now I think it’s quite unique and sophisticate compared to the majority of Southeast Asia’s sweets that’s basically…… sugar. Tons of sugar. Mainly sugar from sugar cane or palm sugar.
And before you lash out at me for my statement, mind you I’m living in southeast Asia; I know what I’m talking about.  51
日本のお菓子を不味いと言っていた人は、それを評価するだけの味覚や考え方を持っていないだけだと思います。私も昔はそうだったのですが、東南アジアのお菓子の大半が基本的に…… 砂糖を使っているのに比べて、今はとてもユニークで洗練されていると思います。大量の砂糖。主にサトウキビやパームシュガーからの砂糖。
Hmmmm… Is it just me or this candy texture looks like play dough 😅 44
People are complaining about not having gloves. Are you even sure your fam cooks with gloves all the time? 🤔 38
人々は手袋がないことに不満を持っています。あなたの家族はいつも手袋をはめて料理をしていると確信していますか? 🤔
Beautiful..Such a delicate n elegant way to enjoy a sweets. *I’m watching this while munching a grab of Froot Loops straight from the box 32
美しい..スイーツを楽しむためのそのような繊細でエレガントな方法。 *箱から出してきたフルートループをむしゃむしゃ食べながら、これを見ています。
Great, now every time I see clay figures shaped like food, my brain will go “Food 🤤” And I’ll want to eat it 13
English is such a poor language when it comes to explaining food. ‘Candy’? hahaha.. These are not ‘candies’. lol sure the language from the country knowing no good food. 13
食べ物を説明することになると、英語はとても貧弱な言語です。 ‘キャンディー’?ははは..これらは「キャンディー」ではありません。笑確かに国からの言語は良い食べ物を知らない。
These things taste pretty bad, they are just pretty to look at 8
After reading some comments here I want to ask: there is really places where the people use gloves to make the food? Because I never had seen such thing, even on videos ‘^’ 7
ここでいくつかのコメントを読んだ後、私は尋ねたいと思います:人々が食べ物を作るために手袋を使う場所は本当にありますか?そんなこと見たことがなかったので、動画でも ‘^’
Wonderful job..Bless hands..nice candies..really beautiful.. 7
Eating and cooking with bare hands is so natural.i mean how do people find that weird??..idk but I wash my hands so well before I cook or eat!
PS. I’m an Indian  5
素手で食べたり料理したりするのはとても自然なことです。つまり、人々はどうしてそんなに変だと思うのでしょうか?? .. idkでも、料理や食事をする前に手をよく洗います!
Japanese people are so artistic when it comes to their foods.. ❤️ 5
Videos like these just makes me want to go to Japan even more 😭😭 4
Beautiful! Aaaahh looking delicious as well. 4
Beautiful country, beautiful people, beautiful customs and crafts! 3
Those sweets looks soooooo *GOOD* <3 3
それらのお菓子はすっごく見えます* GOOD * <3
Masterpieces you can eat 3
someone this meticulous cares so much for what they do that you can bet those hands are cleaner than any glove 💙 2
These look so good. They seem to be the consistency of marzipan or almond paste. Which is actually really good. Very rich. 2
people in the comment should calm about the glove. it is true that glove will be more hygienic, but this is japan one of the most hygienic country in the world 1
Sweets that is healthy. Mainly consist of beans or mung beans 1
Imagine you see the guy that just get out of toilet and make you some sweet with a bare hand 1
Craving some yummy green tea right now! 0
While the gloves hello sweat and germs on the palms 0