When you realize this was a performance of a man who had a career ending injury 3 months before the olympics and started to train his quads just 2-3 weeks before the competition 24324
this guy is like a prince 24147
He was born to make history. 23408
This man:
– survived from the earthquake in 2011
– leaving home to canada and struggling with communication at 16
– Asthma problems causing stamina issues
– asthma attack 2 weeks before winning 2017 worlds
– champion 3 months after an ankle injury that could’ve ruined his career
– and so so so many injuries

Yet he never stops trying, challenging, and being Yuzuru Hanyu. He’s truly the strongest fighter and never uses his weaknesses as excuses. He does everything to be the best of himself. GOAT  22053


それでも彼は、羽生結弦に挑戦し、挑戦し、そして存在することを決してやめません。彼は本当に最強の戦闘機であり、彼の弱点を言い訳として使用することはありません。彼は自分の最善を尽くすためにあらゆることをします。 史上最高

Doesn’t your back hurt?
For carrying the whole figure skating industry alone.  20538
He’s beauty, he’s grace,he can do a triple axel and land on your face. 15976
Let’s just admit that Hanyu is our hidden crush. 14358
Why does he seem like a protagonist 14257
How can he look so masculine & cute at the same time 13803
look at his face, just like a protagonist in the anime. 10992
For folks brought here by Google rewind who might not know much about Yuzuru Hanyu, he’s a hero to many not solely because of his athletic successes even when injured. A survivor of the 2011 Tohaku earthquake, he often donates his prize money towards restoration efforts and visits schools and other organizations in areas affected by that earthquake and other natural disasters in Japan. He’s gracious to his competitors whether he wins or loses and considerate of others, including ice rink staff, the press, his fans, and the fans of other skaters, despite being harassed by some of them. For a lot of people, he’s a model of compassion, kindness, and determination in the face of adversity. 10755

He ruined ice skating for me

I can’t watch other people because he set the bar so high  10442



no homo but he’s very handsome and cute tho 8421
This man singlehandedly saved the Winnie the Pooh bear industry from collapsing. 8284
It’s funny because everyone always cheers for their home countries during the Olympics….but I honestly don’t think there was a single person on the planet who wasn’t rooting for this kid. 7694
Okay but can we talk about all his outfit designs he’s always dressed so well 6973
At this moment, he was competing with an unhealed injury and was on painkillers. As he passes into the second half, you could see that he was fighting the excruciating pain in his desperate attempts to land the remaining quads. Considering he already has asthma and with a weakened ankle, to endure the painful landings and not even touch the ice during the slight stumbles, it was simply his golden resilience, the burning desire to defend his medal and his unbeatable passion and love for the sport.
I may not be the only one to say this, but we are seeing a living legend…and though I may never be able to see him in person, I am just truly happy to live in the same generation as Yuzuru Hanyu. <3 Rest well, champion…heal your injuries and get back on the ice without having to endure anymore pain. God bless him.  6931
こんなことを言うのは私だけではないかもしれませんが、私たちは生きている伝説を目の当たりにしています。<3 ゆっくり休んでください…怪我を治して、これ以上の痛みを我慢せずに氷上に戻ってきてください。彼に神のご加護がありますように。
It’s 2020, let’s all admit that we’re simps for Yuzuru 6735
You’re saying this guy’s ankles were nearly dead but he could still do this whole performance and NOT fall on the floor?????? 6132
Even his name sounds so cool. 5973
The best thing is that he uses Japanese traditional seimei music. Bringing his national culture to the world. 5900
Omg he is like an asian prince on white horse 5078
you could literally feel his passion overpowering his pain. 5006
His costume reminds me of Haku from Spirited Away for some reason. It’s really magical. 4903
He makes it look like the music is following him instead of him performing to the music 4371
Yuzuru is a truly hero, a legendary skater, and a Prince of the ice. He is a born skater. He survived the 2011 March 11 earthquake and Tsunami, when his family had to sleep in a small space and eat small rice balls distributed by the shelter, unable to go to skate for many days. He yet moved around the country, seeking a chance to skate, not for games but for his own challenges and for his love for the people who suffered from the loss of lives and housing. Even now he continues donating most of his awards and funds received for his championships to his native town every year. His skating is not just a game but it is his soul, his life, and his love for the people, ice rink, and his family. That is why his skating has everything about a human love, beautiful and great reflection of his being himself. 3779

He should not be winning a gold medal.

He should be winning a DIAMOND medal!  3636



Don’t call him Yuri on Ice!!!!!!! YUZURU IS YUZURU!!!!! 3478
彼をユーリ!!! onICEと呼ばないでください!!!!!!!ゆずるはゆずるです!!!!!
it’s absolutely jaw-dropping that yuzuru was able to accomplish that level of technicality while stomaching the definite pain he was facing in his right ankle. 2995
It’s one of my dreams to throw a stuffed Winnie the Pooh bear at Yuzuru Hanyu 2920
Today is my 77th birthday and the greatest gift that I can give myself is to watch Yuzu. I live in Kansas USA and watched figure skating for many years and I love any skating that Yuzu performs. To me, he is the GOAT and will always be in my lifetime. I am so fortunate to have lived during his skating years. 1562