im 33 and this is the first ive ever heard of these! 1901
Don’t be fooled, that’s where they kept all of their Gundam. 927
The reason these tombs are still sacred and off-limits are because the imperial institutions that built them in the first place is still here. Whereas everywhere else kingdoms and dynasties rose and fell, thanks to Japan’s insular nature they were never invaded by foreign powers (apart from the relatively short American occupation) and the local governments have consistently preserved the imperial dynasty partly to legitimize themselves. A one-of-a-kind circumstances! 585
Aliens being a fan of kingdom hearts. 381
Why hadn’t they thought of scanning them? Like I mean there non-penetrating ways employed by Egyptian Archeologist right? Have they tried that? 252
なぜ彼らはそれらをスキャンすることを 考えなかったのでしょうか?エジプトの考古学者が採用した 貫通しない方法があるように?彼らはそれを試したのか?
Whoever built this, did it to be remembered. Now they about to forget it. 212
It’s a keyhole from Kingdom Hearts. Waiting to be unlocked by Keyblade. Sora the bearer of Keyblade will visit this world someday in the future. Let’s we prepare for his coming from now on. 212
キングダムハーツの鍵穴です。 キーブレードによってロックが解除されるのを待っています。キーブレードの持ち主であるソラは、いつかこの世界を訪れるでしょう。これから彼が来る準備をしましょう。
Fascinating and I agree with the plan to wait for better technology before investigating. With one major concern. If you don’t look inside within the next 30 years they will likely be under water and lost forever. 152
This virtually gave no information about what these really are and it’s just weird that even the scientist can’t really study them but I do respect what they say about you know just the respecting the sacredness but it just seems odd the whole thing about how little is known and also what happened to the other ones…. were they destroyed? And how? Anyway, thank you for this- now o want to know more about kofuns 🙂 101
This had to inspire Kingdom Hearts somehow. right?… right? 65
My first thought was this was confirmation that Kingdom Hearts was real. 50
The attitude of the Japanese to favour of preservation is something all of us should strive for 34
When you use Kansai International Airport (KIX), you can clearly see this huge tomb from the plane windows a few minutes after taking off or before landing. That view is just great!! 32
Just imagine opening one of these after and finding that it’s written ‘Please make use of this land after 100 years. There is nothing here’ ☹️😐 31
It’s amazing how Japan fiercely respects their tombs and chooses to coexist with them instead of going in to dig out whatever secrets lies within. 💪 BTW. This is my first time hearing about this sites despite having visited Osaka twice. 😶 26
日本は、お墓の中にある秘密を掘り起こすのではなく、お墓を大切にして、共存していくことを選択しているのがすごい。💪 ところで。大阪には2回ほど行ったことがあるのにも関わらず、このサイトの存在を初めて知りました。😶
wow, they do keep this thing secret, i never heard about this until now. interesting and suspicious 20
Bruh that tomb was built to contain zombie for sure. 20
あの墓は確かにゾンビを 封じ込めるために作られたんだ
This is one of the real easter eggs we haven’t cracked yet 17
But where’s the key? 13
Sora from kingdom hearts: *heavy breathing* 11
Don’t let the Smithsonian get near this 🙄. It will be dismissed as a natural formation or a hoax and relics disappear into their “vaults”. 9
スミソニアン博物館をこれに近づけないでください🙄 それは自然の形成またはデマとして却下され、遺物は彼らの「金庫室」に消えます。
In the West, high authorities, “go and find out what’s inside NOW” 8
they could have been ancient landfills, with lots of broken pottery and student pottery thrown in. you won’t know until you dig. 8
This is amazing. Interesting how this story about angels building at night lines up with the stories of how the temple at Lalibela and the 2nd temple of Solomon were built.
So many stories of angels helping humans build monoliths, makes you go…hmm🤔  5
same… I like history and ancient discovery but this first I heard (today). 5
Woww… i m 51 and this is the 1st i hv ever heard of this ! And i thought i hv read n seen them all.Ancient wonders like these, i mean.. goes to show.. no matter how old you get, theres still always smthng new you learn.. ☺ 5
They are beautiful, the fact that wild life has is allowed to strive with no or little human interference leaves places like these with a mysterious charm😍 4
There has to be an anime on this 4