This man is doing more for his clients than we could ever know. He’s essentially the human equivalent of a therapy dog. 11530
Moral of the story: Some times, just being there, showing up means a lot. 8782
この話の教訓: 時には、ただそこにいること、現れるだけで大​​きな意味があることもあります。
He says “do-nothing” but to the people that hire him, he is doing a LOT. 6591
As a psychologist I think he’s doing something amazing. He’s being there for strangers, listening to them and supporting them. I think his presence is somewhat therapeutic. It is also so sad how those people cannot ask their friends to join them or listen to them. 3476
This guy is a total genius – he gets to travel and eat for free and makes a living by doing nothing which actually means quite a lot to his clients. 2910
He could be many things, a bodyguard at night, a guide, an unofficial social worker, someone to make people feel at ease and not alone, he’s very helpful to many people! 2877
The part where his boss told him nothing changes when he is there, so he pivots and leans into that strength, is just pure genius 👌 2820
This is actually brilliant as many people feel uncomfortable traveling to a foreign town alone. Simply traveling with an extra body can keep you safe from people who might target solo tourists. 2570
He is offering a service that is important to many people: companionship 2463
It takes a kind heart to simply “be” and just listen without any prejudice. And it can be peaceful to sit in silence, reminded without words that you are not alone. I wouldn’t call that doing nothing, considering he could be saving lives. 2398
This man is really a therapist. Not judging. Just being there. I completely understand how these people feel. And I don’t think it’s exceptional or “sad”. I think there’s many many people who go through times in life when they don’t want to be alone but also there’s too much pressure to be with someone they know. I actually totally get this. 2117
The story about him wearing the hat because the girl’s partner wore it and ended his life really hit me in the feels. This was her way of letting go formally. She was moving to a new city for a new life. My guess is that she was suffering on the inside because she lost her partner like this. And by symbolically waving goodbye to the city with him representing her now gone partner, she could let go much easier. Suddenly i respect this man’s services. And i hope the best for that woman.  1956
少女のパートナーがその帽子をかぶっていて、彼の人生を終わらせたから、彼がその帽子をかぶっていたという話は、本当に私の胸に突き刺さった。これは彼女なりの形式的な手放しだった。彼女は新しい生活のために新しい都市に引っ越そうとしていた。私の推測では、彼女はパートナーをこのように失ったことで、内面的に苦しんでいたのだと思う。そして、今は亡きパートナーを象徴する彼に手を振って街に別れを告げることで、彼女はより簡単に手放すことができたのだ。 突然だが、私はこの男のサービスを尊敬する。そして、あの女性にとって最善のことを祈る。
Dude was told by his boss that he’s basically worthless. He goes I’ll show you and proceeds to find success doing nothing. Always love those kind of stories. 1692
he helped a woman work through her partner’s sudden suicide when she felt she couldnt go to friends or family, i wouldn’t call that “nothing” at all! he’s doing a great service 1690
Sometimes doing absolutely nothing and listening is absolutely necessary. This guy is providing an essential service. He should rebrand himself “the guy who listens”. Period. 1528
何もせず、耳を傾けることが絶対に必要なときがある。この男は必要不可欠なサービスを提供している。彼は自らを “話を聞く男 “とブランド名を変えるべきだ。ピリオド。
He’s actually doing a lot more for people than what really meets the eye. 1449
He’s really close to a therapist in reality, to be truly heard is something a lot of people are missing in the current world, and he provides it. By being there to do “nothing” he is actually listening and helping out his clients. Most people just need someone to help them unload the stressful things going on in their lives. Of course, not every client is looking for that, but many of these cases they just need a “friend” to help em out with something. 1446
彼は実際にはセラピストに非常に近い存在で、本当の意味で話を聞いてもらうということは、現在の世界では多くの人が欠けているものであり、彼はそれを提供してくれるのです。 「何もしない」ためにそこにいることで、彼は実際にクライアントの話を聞き、助けているのです。ほとんどの人は、生活の中で起こっているストレスを軽減してくれる人を必要としています。もちろん、すべてのクライアントがそれを求めているわけではありませんが、多くの場合、何かを手伝ってくれる「友達」が必要なだけです。
Honestly there is something so stress relieving about talking about and dumping all your problems on a total stranger that you will never see again 1356
He does A LOT! But it’s so sad that people feel so lonely that way. That one who rent him to say goodbye at the station makes me cry. 1116
Honestly, doing nothing seems like a lot of work. Having the patience to listen to the other person, dealing with difficult situations… it’s hard to not get caught up in it. It’s a talent in itself. 1112
Its a shame how lowly he thinks of his profession. He’s doing a great service and should be proud. 1103
This man has cracked the code, he does so much more then most people at their “job”, meanwhile to him it feels like he does nothing and he gets paid for it also. genius 1098
この男は暗号を解いたようなもので、普通の “仕事 “をしている人よりはるかに多くのことをやっている。
Given the social pressures in Japan, this man might have saved many lives of people who wanted to give up 772
Honestly I kind of understand why this kind of service exists. Now that im older me and my friends have our own lives and jobs to attend too and our schedules dont exactly line up. Sucks going out by yourself sometimes and sometimes it would be cool to have someone there to just chill or talk about random things with so I kind of get it. 743
He isn’t a do nothing guy. He is a rent-a-friend. Other descriptions, in the purest sense, are an escort or chaperone. For people with a disability, a person who provides this service can greatly reduce the effects of depression and anxiety, thus reducing the load on the health care system. In some countries it is even paid for by the government. 714
「彼はセラピストだ」という意見が多かったですね。 海外では日常のちょっとした悩みごとをカウンセラーに相談するような文化があったりするので日本とは少し捉え方が違うのかもしれませんね。